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My Works

More Cats of Sanctuary House

Stories of some of the cats and kittens who call or who have called Sanctuary House their home.

Following the Path of Life: Companions on the way

Verses describing the animals at Sanctuary House.

Handful of Stars

This little book includes poems for Advent, Christmas, and other liturgical seasons, as well as other topics: bagpipes; nature; letters to great friends and relatives; and of course, cats, dogs, and a horse.

ABCs of Sanctuary House

A children's alphabet book illustrated with photos of Sanctuary House animals.

The Dogs of Sanctuary House

The true stories of the homeless dogs who have come to live at Sanctuary House on the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland. Many of the dogs were lost or no longer wanted at the end of hunting season, others were homeless for other reasons. Most of the dogs are beagles . . . but Sanctuary House has also been home to golden retrievers, cocker spaniels, a rat terrier, a Chihuahua, a border collie, a mostly Pomeranian, and two American Eskimo dogs. This book of stories provides little windows into their lives.

The Cats of Sanctuary House

This is book of short stories about the cats who live at Sanctuary House.

Come Holy Spirit

Devotions for nine days of structured prayer, meditations, scripture readings, and questions for self-reflection. These devotions may be used at any time to pray for the seven gifts of the Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, godliness, and fear of the Lord, as well as love of heavenly things and the conscious indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Hasten the Kingdom: Praying the O Antiphons of Advent

The ancient traditions of the early Church provide a wealth of material for prayer and meditation in the final days of Advent. Hasten the Kingdom is a prayer service for use by individuals or groups. It includes worship, commentary, and questions for reflection, and offers an opportunity and invitation for the reader to welcome Christ at "his coming in glorious majesty."


Using the Twelve Steps To Grow Spiritually: A Guide for Women

A book for recovering women who use the Twelve Steps as an essential part of their daily lives, about spiritual growth in self-value, adaptability of feelings, and sound relationships.