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Hermitage Letters

Enough about politics!

Well, at least the election is over – not that our candidate won (I voted for Opie at Rikki’s Refuge, but I don’t think he got many votes!). Some people are very happy, and some are very angry – and Mom says President-elect Trump has too many business connections that are complicated and convoluted, and that people did not consider that when voting. And those of us from interracial families aren’t feeling good either – I’m a gray cat, but I have friends and relatives of all different colors, even calico! You can’t just say “let’s be united now” when you’ve said other horrible, hateful things to and about people – it takes a long, long time to prove that you are really trustworthy. But enough about politics!

Mom has been painting our upstairs bathroom – so far it’s white and blue, but I think other colors are going to be added. And we have a new car! It’s a black Subaru. I haven’t ridden in it yet, but the beagles were barking and barking at it. At first they thought someone was coming to visit, but finally Mom convinced them that the new car is here to stay. The doggies usually like riding in the car – cats, not so much! Cats like to stay at home and mind their own business. Riding in the car almost always means a trip to the vet and we definitely don’t like that!

The last week has been sad and glad for us – just like most of life, I guess. For the sad part, our beagle Abby left for the Rainbow Bridge. Abby was very old and tired, but I bet she is running and playing now, probably with her good friend Artie. On the happy, glad side, our foster beagles, Sammy and Hallie, are much less afraid. Mom used to have to take Sammy out to the yard on a leash – now he just runs out and back in on his own. And Hallie has decided that she really loves Mom – she lets Mom pick her up and whisper in her ear! In a few weeks Hallie has to have surgery on her eye and also be spayed on the same day . . . so it is good that she trusts Mom to take care of her.

It’s time to feed our horse Jackie and the upstairs cats . . . and then Mom will want to clean or paint, so I’ll write more another time.

Stay safe,
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