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Hermitage Letters

Beginning to write again!

After so many weeks – months really – we are back to writing! As you might have read our in our newsletter we have been very busy with visiting doggies, ducks, and chicks, and as Mom’s first cat assistant, I am trying to help. Our beagles Abby, Doll, and Ella left for the Rainbow Bridge, and beagles Talley, Willa, Maggie, and Thea came to fill those spaces. Talley, Willa, and Maggie are senior girls, but Talley already has a job – she was approved by Pets-on-Wheels of Delmarva, and she often goes with Mom on errands – I don’t know exactly what she does, but I know she has a special collar . . . and I know she gets to eat chicken nuggets on the way home, so I guess her job is important!

Willa sort of has a job too – she is the best companion for Chrissi who is a very old beagle/basset doggie. Chrissi used to be very grouchy, but now that Willa lives here Chrissi is much happier. Maggie came to live with us because she was lost for a long time, and no one ever came to find her at the county shelter. Maggie is tiny – she’s a pocket beagle – and she loves Mom as though she had known her forever. Thea is a very different story. She is only 6 months old, but she was beaten and kicked by an awful person . . . Thea is afraid to stand up when a person is near her, so Mom has to carry her in and out. The good thing though is that Thea does love other dogs, so we’re hoping she learns to follow them. I don’t understand why some humans are so cruel – they are a mystery, a horrible mystery. Thea is only a baby – why would someone beat or kick her? [Her name is pronounced Tay-ah.]

But that’s enough about dogs! We have watched some cats go to the Rainbow Bridge too, and I was especially sad on Wednesday because my good cat friend Lily left us. Mom said Lily had kidney failure. Lily always loved canned cat food, but one day she just said “no, not today” and the next morning she didn’t wake up.

Jackie our horse is very happy because he is no longer alone in the pasture – Sonny came to live with us . . . Sonny belongs to our neighbor, but the horses just know it’s best to have a good buddy! The ducklings have grown up and will be moving to Rikki’s Refuge in May – that will be good for them because they will have much more room to quack and swim and play. And the chicks are growing up too – Mom put the two bigger chicks, Edie and Evie, out in a special pen yesterday, but she brought them in for the night because it was very rainy and chilly. The other chicks, Pipi, Penny, and Cindy, are still too small to go out.

We’ve got to go to work now! Mom says if you say Morning and Evening Prayer every day here is an easy way to have all of the prayers, psalms, and readings in one place:

More later,

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