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Hermitage Letters

Sarah Hall

It was 143 years ago today that Sarah Hall died . . . we didn’t really know Sarah Hall of course, but her grave is on the Ascension Hermitage & Sanctuary property, and her headstone says this:
SARAH wife of Tubman L. Hall, daughter of Lazarus & Sarah Maddux. Died April 28, 1874. Age 68 years. From a child she was a consistent member of the M.E. Church, her end was peaceful and triumphant. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his Saints. Ps. 116:15. [That’s verse 15 in the KJV Bible – in the more modern English version it’s verse 13!]
Mom said Sarah Hall wasn’t very old, but peaceful and triumphant sounds like a good way to die . . . I just hope she had a kitty or doggy waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge. This morning Mom trimmed the grass around the gravestones and said a prayer for Sarah Hall – we hope she watches us from heaven. Maybe one day we will meet there!

Mom has other errands today, so we have to turn the computer off. I’ll write again soon.
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