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Hermitage Letters

Still No Washing Machine!

Well, as you might have heard our washing machine still isn’t repaired! Lowe’s sent the wrong papers to the repair shop. Just think: a big company can’t do an easy little job – terrible, don’t you think? Mom only said, “Oh, well . . .,” but I know she wasn’t happy. Wednesday (today) was the new repair day. Mom told Lowe’s and the repair shop that the washing machine just needed a new belt.
When the repairman came he checked many things on the computer part of the washing machine – he even had to call the main Maytag office – his report said a lot of things were wrong. Mom said, “You should look under the machine, the belt is broken.” Mom handed the repairman a flashlight and helped lean the machine back so he could see.
“Yeah, the belt is broken,” he said, “that could be the cause of the other problems too.”
“So can you fix it now?” Mom asked.
“Oh, no, I have to order a new belt – that will come in two or three days, and then we can schedule another appointment.”
Fortunately for the repair shop, their receptionist gave Mom an appointment for Monday – even before the new belt has come in. Just think – two weeks without laundry . . . Mom is not happy, especially since they didn’t listen to her in the first place! Sometimes the easiest solution is the right one.
It has rained for two nights and two days and now our yard is all mud . . .I’m glad that we cats don’t go outside! Most of the doggies hate the mud and rain too, but I think the geese and Jack (our horse) and even the chickens like the rain. The chickens can go into their coop anytime, but they choose to stand under the tree even in the rain. That saying, “mad as a wet hen” must not be true – at least Fredell, Faith, and Frances don’t get mad when they are wet!
Mom says it’s time to feed the cats supper, so we have to say good-bye and turn off the computer.
I’ll write again soon,

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