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Hermitage Letters

Already September

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it, that we’re already into September – today is windy and rainy because we are just on the edge of Hurricane Hermine! A few days ago Aidan and I caught a mouse in the bathroom – a tiny mouse – and were just playing with him, but Mom took him away from us, and then she let him go outdoors. She told us that the mouse really didn’t want to be our toy, and then she gave us a green toy mouse and two ping pong balls, so we are glad we traded with her – and I guess the mouse is too!

We are reading three books all at once again:
A Complete Guide to Bird Feeding by John Dennis
The Sabbath by Abraham Heschel
Praying with Icons by Jim Forest

Mom has been reading the icon book for weeks, but she explained to me that it is a book to read and ponder, not rush right through, so I guess we may be reading it for many more weeks.

I really don’t know about feeding birds – Poirot and I have thought of catching birds, but I suspect Mom will never let us do that! Every day we watch pigeons and grackles and black birds eating and drinking in the yard with the geese, and sometimes there are blue jays and cardinals and crows, too. I like to see the birds fly, but Poirot mostly watches for the smaller birds – sparrows, titmice, and wrens that come into the tree near the window. Sometimes we hear woodpeckers and flickers. “Don’t even think about them,” I said to Poirot, “those birds have beaks that could really hurt a cat!” I think the same thing about blue jay beaks – we are lucky cats to be indoors!

Today is sad for us because our kitty Darlie died this morning. We don’t know how old Darlie was because she was all grown up when she came to Sanctuary House, but she had cancer and there was no way to make her well. Mom told her to wait at the Rainbow Bridge and we’d catch up with her there one day. Darlie was a dark gray cat with light gray fur on her tummy and nose, with a dark spot right on the middle of her nose – I think that’s where God kissed her before she came to earth . . . her blessing spot!

We’ll write again soon – in the meantime, have a safe Labor Day weekend!

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