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Hermitage Letters

Last week of October!

Well, here we are – almost to Halloween – and so many updates! No one thinks Meg’s eggs are going to hatch now, except once in a while Meg still moves them around and sits on them for an hour or so, but she leaves them at night. I’m sorry for Meg because I’m sure she wanted goslings, but Mom said this is not a good time of year for baby geese, so maybe it’s better that the eggs just remained eggs.

Dottie, one of the dogs at Somerset County animal control, has now moved to her forever home at Rikki’s Refuge in Orange County, VA. Dottie is happy there and we are very happy for her!

Sammy and Hallie, also from Somerset County animal control, are now living at Sanctuary House – I think they’ll live here forever, but that’s not sure yet. Sammy is not so afraid any more, in fact he likes to play in the yard with the other dogs; but Hallie is afraid of everything and everybody. And Casey, the very old beagle from South Carolina, is still at Penny Angel’s Beagle Rescue in NJ, and I think she’ll live there forever. This isn’t what Joan and Mom had planned, but you know people make plans all the time and then have to change them.

Two days ago, when the morning was very cold, Mom turned on the heater switch, and . . . NO heat! So we are hoping the repairman will come tomorrow – probably the heater just needs to be cleaned (because the beagles shed so much!). The heater has only worked for one winter, so it is practically new . . . except for the beagle fur and beagle dust. We cats groom all the time, so you know the problem with the heater is NOT cat fur. I’ll let you know what the repairman says!

More tomorrow. . .
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