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Hermitage Letters

First weekend in October – NO HUNTING here!

Well, we still have no working washing machine . . . I am not even going to write about that again until the problem is solved!

We have had lots and lots of rain, and even more rain. At first that was very good because everything was too dry – Mom had to water the flowers and Jackie’s pasture was all dusty. Now the flowers are blooming and Jackie’s pasture is muddy. School was cancelled on Friday because there was too much water on streets during high tide, and we even had a little lake back in the woods.

Three deer visit Jackie almost every day – a doe and her two fawns. The fawns are not tiny, but about half the size of their mother. They climb right between the rails of the fence; their mother jumps over the fence – she is very graceful and beautiful. Mom hopes they will stay near Jackie because there might be hunters in the woods. Mom and our neighbor, Cindy, put up a lot of NO HUNTING signs and painted some trees with purple paint, but some hunters don’t care and some hunters drink so much beer that they can’t read signs or tell one color from another. Cindy and Mom worry about the deer and about all of us because our houses are too close for hunters to be shooting here. So far the weather has been warm and there are still millions of bugs – ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies, etc., so that might help keep hunters away! Jackie has a bright orange vest because sometimes he stands by the fence near the woods – we want him to be very safe from the hunters.

Saturday afternoon and the sun is out! The sky is still very blue-gray and cloudy, but we are all glad to see the sun. Meg the goose is still sitting on her nest – Mom thought there were only three or four eggs, but this morning she saw that there are at least seven . . . no counting goslings before the eggs hatch, but if they all do hatch and grow up, we will have a much bigger flock!

Mostly rainy Sunday too. Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown – very soon now. Shanah Tovah!

Until next time,
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