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Hermitage Letters

Many, many updates!

So many things have happened since we last wrote that it’s hard to know where to start. First of all the feral orange cat and her six kittens were safely caught. The mom and two very wild kittens have gone to live at Good Shepherd Cat Sanctuary where they will be fed, but can avoid people if that is their choice. The other four kittens were sweet and will be adopted.

And then two kittens, Flynn and Simon, came to live with us! Their mom is feral too, but did not have enough milk for her kittens. . . . all of Flynn and Simon’s siblings died. When she is spayed their mom will stay on the farm where she lives, but we are very glad to have Flynn and Simon with us. Flynn is mostly orange with white on his chest and tummy; Simon is almost all white with a few swirls of orange and orange ears. They love each other very much – and they really love kitten milk and Fancy Feast for kittens! And I think they are very smart kittens, because they have already shredded a roll of paper towels and they are only about six weeks old!

Our cat friend Lemon came to stay for two weeks while her family was on vacation – Lemon stayed with us last summer too, and we were very happy to see her again.

And the Diocese of Easton, where we live, has elected a new bishop – actually he is already a bishop, the Rt. Rev. Santosh Marray. Mom just prays, she didn’t help elect him, but she will be glad to meet him when he comes to our diocese. I hope he likes cats – and other animals too, of course!

But into all of that happiness two sad things happened – our cat brother Ethan died suddenly. Ethan just stopped eating one day and died in the night. We all miss him, especially his brother Orion and his best cat friend John. . . . and one of our chickens, Felicity, died too. Mom thought Felicity was egg bound, but that wasn’t the case – so we don’t know why she died. Some things are just a mystery forever.

Mom is reading In the Teeth of the Evidence by Dorothy Sayers – but she’s reading it on her Kindle . . . I like it better when she reads paper books, because it’s easier to read over her shoulder. She’s also reading Praying with Icons by Jim Forest – she read this book a long time ago, before I was even born, but this is a revised edition. I think I will be reading it over her shoulder. Cats already know a lot about prayer, you know, but we can always learn something new.

Until next time,
Stay safe; pray always; keep in touch.


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