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Hermitage Letters

A week in October

October 10th

Guess what – we got a brand new washing machine! Mom is happy now that our laundry room is back in business.

We had a lot of rain and wind at the weekend, but were fortunate that Hurricane Matthew did not come here. Suddenly our warm, end-of-summer weather is gone, and it is much cooler – Mom said it’s almost cold, and since she doesn’t have fur or feathers like we do, she’s wearing a sweatshirt! Everyone is hungry, and this morning Jackie came to the pasture gate when the sun first made the sky light to call to Mom because he wanted his breakfast. Overnight the leaves on the big oak tree in our back yard have begun changing from green to golden brown.

Meg the goose is still on her nest and no eggs have hatched . . . the boys, Crockett and Desmond, are keeping careful watch on her and sit close to her all day. Early in the morning Meg leaves her nest to eat and drink, and all of the geese talk excitedly to each other. But when Meg goes back to her nest and everyone is very quiet, and the boys sleep with their heads under their wings, and wait.

October 18th

So much has happened in the past week that I hardly know where to begin. Maybe the biggest thing is that the two scared beagles, Sammy and Hallie, came to live with us, at least for now. . . . and the other old beagle, Casey, is living with Joan for now. And for another good dog story, Mom is helping rescue another dog named Dottie – Dottie is probably a pointer mix and she is a total escape artist! But now she will be going to live at Rikki’s Refuge in Orange, Virginia. Kerry, who runs Rikki’s Refuge with her cat helper Opie, said Dottie could live there forever and ever. They are the best, Kerry and Opie are, and we thank God for them every day. . . in fact, I learned to write this blog because Opie is a blog writer too! Opie helps Kerry a lot, just like I help Mom.

Last Saturday Mom sat down on the outside steps into our house and discovered that they were rotten on one side . . . yep, as you can imagine, she spent Sunday going to Lowe’s and rebuilding the steps! Now I think she’s imagining a new handrail too. Good thing we are having a few warm days if she wants to have outdoor projects.

And one sad thing happened at the weekend too: our sister cat Belinda died. Belinda had lived at Sanctuary House for a long time – she came with her three kittens. One of the grown up kittens still lives with us; her name is Bisou. Belinda was a dark gray kitty with white paws and a white milk moustache – Mom always said Belinda was asking “Got milk? Or other cat treats?” Belinda loved to jump and climb when she was younger, but when she got old she mostly sat on the window sill or on the climbing towers. Belinda loved other cats more than she loved people, but on the day she died she wanted Mom to hold her and then she went to sleep leaning against Merwyn, a big black cat. We miss Belinda a lot. I’m not like Belinda – I want Mom to hold me every day . . . and she does!

Until next time,

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