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Hermitage Letters

End of Summer?

Finally our weather is not so hot! The leaves and walnuts are falling from the black walnut trees, and the wild clematis is blooming, and school buses go past our house in the mornings and afternoons, and the wild geese are flying south. But Meg, our goose, is laying eggs – Meg had a Spring nest, but none of her eggs hatched, so maybe she thinks this will be a better time. Mom and I think she is wrong about that, but she is very determined to sit on her nest.

Guess what?! Our washing machine stopped washing – Mom says the cord that makes the drum agitate and spin is broken. Our washing machine is almost new, still under factory warranty, so a repairman is coming tomorrow to make it wash again. A week without a washing machine has made Mom very impatient . . . she loves to do the laundry. I like really clean towels too – better than these hung-on-the-fence-washed-with-the-hose ones. I asked Mom why she likes doing laundry so much, and she said, “It’s in my genes, Gus.” That seems like a funny thing to inherit – she could have played the piano or had a better singing voice or been a better archer or painter or a sailor – but she likes to do laundry! Life is funny like that . . . you just have to take it as it comes. Anyway, Mom will be a lot happier when our washing machine is repaired!

As of yesterday we have a new online wish list – just in case anyone wants to send us treats, toys, or Fancy Feast – please, please, please! To find the list go to amazon.com and click on lists, then type in Mom’s name: Sister Mary Winifred – the Sanctuary House Wish List will be right there. There are a few non-cat items too: dog biscuits and toys, and tarps that we need before winter, but mostly the list is for cats – I guess that means we’re the most important, right?

Stay safe, and enjoy these early days of Autumn . . . and be sure to look at the moon tonight – it’s fully bright and beautiful!


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