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Hermitage Letters

All Saints' Sunday

Today’s good news is that our heater is all mended and back to work! Two men came on Friday to replace the broken part and almost all of the beagles – especially George – helped them by barking and shouting directions! I think all of that help made their work go more quickly so they were only here for about 20 minutes.

And now we come to the end of Daylight Saving Time. Mom thinks this is a ridiculous change to make twice a year, and apparently Bessie and the other doggies do too, because they started barking almost an hour early today. Mom says a country that can manage to legalize pot should be smart enough to get rid of Daylight Savings, but as you probably know, not many people listen to Mom. As a cat I don’t really care about pot or Daylight Savings, but I always listen to Mom! I don’t always do what she says, but I always listen.

Today is All Saints’ Sunday – I bet all of the saints are marching around heaven having a great celebration. Our kitty Ellie died this morning, so she must be marching with the other saints in heaven, glad that we on earth are remembering them. Ellie had kidney disease – it is sad for us that she is gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but I bet she is running and playing there, waiting for all of us to catch up with her. Rest in peace, little Ellie, and one day we’ll all rise in glory!

I’ll write again soon,

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